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Bitcoin Lightning Network Now Live on Clover for Fast, Secure Payments

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• Jack Mallers, CEO of bitcoin payment service Strike, has announced that the Bitcoin Lightning Network is now live on Clover, a major Android point of sale (POS) platform.
• Merchants can accept payments from any source that supports the Lightning Network.
• The pilot phase will initially last for 90 days, after which the Bitcoin Lightning integration will be made available through the Clover App Store.

Jack Mallers, the CEO of bitcoin payment service Strike, has made a huge announcement – the Bitcoin Lightning Network is now officially live on Clover, a major Android Point of Sale platform. This is a huge milestone in the world of bitcoin, as it signals a major push toward mainstream adoption of the digital currency.

The integration of the Lightning Network with Clover provides merchants with an easy and secure way to accept payments in bitcoin. Merchants are now able to accept payments from any source that supports the Lightning Network, including Cash App, Tor, and more. The pilot phase of the integration will last for 90 days, during which time interested Clover merchants can enable payments via Lightning. During this time, Strike and Fiserv, Clover’s parent company, will measure and track the settlement speeds and costs compared to other networks.

Once the pilot phase has concluded, the Bitcoin Lightning integration will be made available to all merchants who use the Clover App Store. This will open up the Lightning Network to millions of merchants all over the world, allowing them to accept payments quickly and securely.

Overall, this is a major step forward for the world of bitcoin and digital payments. With the integration of the Lightning Network on Clover, bitcoin payments are now faster, more secure, and more widely available than ever before. This is sure to be a major catalyst for the further adoption of bitcoin as a payment method.

FTX Revives: $5.5B in Assets Recovered, CEO Sets Up Task Force

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• John Ray, the new CEO of bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, has expressed interest in reviving the exchange.
• Ray has set up a task force to explore the possibility of bringing the exchange back.
• The company has recovered about $5.5 billion in liquid assets since Ray’s takeover.

The crypto industry was shocked in October 2020 when popular exchange FTX declared bankruptcy and its CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, stepped down amid accusations of criminal misconduct. The scandal left thousands of customers in limbo, as the exchange owed them a total of $8 billion in deposits.

In November, John Ray was brought in as the new Chief Executive Officer of FTX with the task of turning the company around. Since then, Ray has been working diligently to recover assets and explore the possibility of reviving the exchange. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Jan. 19, Ray revealed that he had set up a task force to investigate the feasibility of bringing FTX back to life.

According to Ray, customers have been supportive of the idea, believing that the technology FTX offers is worth reviving. He also said that the company had recovered about $5.5 billion in liquid assets of $1.7 billion cash, $3.5 billion of crypto assets, and $3 million of securities. However, he noted that tracking down the full amount could take months since the exchange had „no record keeping whatsoever“.

However, despite the optimism, Ray has warned that the revival of FTX could take some time. He said that the task force is still in the early stages of exploring the idea and that he wanted to make sure that customers are taken care of before proceeding. „Everything is on the table,“ he said. „If there’s a path forward on that, then we will not only explore it, we will do it.“

It remains to be seen if FTX will be able to make a comeback, but Ray’s efforts have given customers hope that they will eventually be able to access their funds. With the task force continuing to investigate the possibilities, only time will tell if the exchange will be able to make a triumphant return.

Coinbase Debt Downgraded to ‚Speculative Grade‘, Profitability Remains Pressured

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• S&P has downgraded Coinbase debt from “investment grade” to “speculative grade”.
• This decision is due to the decreased trading volumes at Coinbase and the attention from authorities after the collapse of FTX.
• Despite efforts to lower operating expenses and potential benefits from rising interest rates, S&P anticipates Coinbase’s profitability to remain pressured in 2023.

The credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) recently downgraded the debt of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase from “investment grade” to “speculative grade”. This decision comes as a dramatic drop in investor confidence due to the most recent wave of layoffs at Coinbase.

In a statement, S&P provided an explanation for the decision by pointing out that trading volumes at the exchange had “meaningfully reduced” and that heightened levels of regulatory scrutiny have come to be as a result of the high-profile collapse of FTX in November 2022. The letter farther down the alphabet, such as D are utilized if a payment failure on a financial promise or when a bankruptcy petition has been submitted.

The most trustworthy borrowers, such as the United States Government or Microsoft, deserve the highest possible rating, which is AAA. With the downgrade, Coinbase has moved from “investment grade” to “speculative grade”.

Despite recent efforts to lower its operating expenses or any potential benefits it may receive from rising interest rates, the company stated that it anticipates Coinbase’s profitability to “remain pressured in 2023”.

Coinbase made the announcement earlier this week that the company aims to cut its staff by around 950 people and, in the process, would be paying severance payouts that may range anywhere from $163 million to $192 million. This is a result of the increase in the cost of operations and the decrease in trading volumes.

With the downgrade, the outlook for Coinbase is uncertain. It remains to be seen how the company will respond and how it will fare in the coming months and years. Investors and analysts alike await further developments to see how the situation will unfold.

Data Shows Growing Demand for Privacy on Bitcoin Network

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• Data gathered from Bitnodes API shows that most bitcoin nodes are routing traffic through the anonymous overlay network Tor.
• Node location, internet service and hosting providers play a critical role in maintaining the security and reliability of the Bitcoin network.
• Recent data reveals the importance of privacy and anonymity among the more technical users of the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that relies on nodes to verify and propagate transactions on its blockchain. To ensure its network continues to grow and evolve, node location, internet service and hosting providers play a critical role in maintaining the security and reliability of the network. To prevent any regulatory action from having a significant impact on the network, nodes should be widely distributed and not concentrated in one location.

Recent data gathered from the Bitnodes application programming interface (API) shows that most bitcoin (BTC) nodes are routing traffic through the anonymous overlay network Tor. This signifies the growing importance of privacy and anonymity among the more technical users of the Bitcoin network, as well as the decentralized nature of the blockchain’s infrastructure. The data also revealed that a significant portion of bitcoin nodes — 8,162 out of 14,838, nearly 82% — cannot be accurately located due to them routing their traffic through Tor. This is a rather positive data point considering that those nodes are likely to ignore any local regulation. In addition, the portion of nodes operating through Tor has steadily increased from about 25% of all the nodes one year ago, after a bug led to them crashing.

The Tor network, also known as The Onion Router, is an anonymous overlay network that allows users to hide their online activity from their internet service provider and local network. It is composed of volunteer-run nodes that send encrypted data in multiple layers to its destination. This makes it difficult for anyone to track user activity and allows users to remain anonymous while using the internet.

Overall, the data gathered from the Bitnodes API allows us to gain a better understanding of the Bitcoin network and the importance of privacy and anonymity when using it. This is a sign of the decentralized nature of the blockchain’s infrastructure and the growing demand for more secure and reliable ways to use the network. As the Bitcoin network continues to grow, the use of Tor and other methods of protecting user privacy will most likely increase as well.

BitMEX einigt sich mit CFTC und FinCEN

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Nach einem zehnmonatigen regulatorischen Streit mit den Finanzaufsichtsbehörden der Vereinigten Staaten hat sich die führende Kryptowährungs-Derivatebörse BitMEX auf einen Vergleich geeinigt und wird eine Geldstrafe in Millionenhöhe zahlen.

Wie die Börse heute bestätigte, hat BitMEX mit den beiden US-Regulierungsbehörden – der Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) und dem Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) – eine Einigung in Höhe von 100 Millionen Dollar erzielt.

Alexander Höptner, CEO von BitMEX, betonte, dass diese Entwicklung ein wichtiger Tag für das Unternehmen sei, da es endlich in der Lage sei, die Tortur hinter sich zu lassen.

Bitcoin: Alles Wissenswerte 2021

Höptner fügte hinzu, dass die Börse von nun an aktiv mit Regulierungsbehörden auf der ganzen Welt zusammenarbeiten wird, um sicherzustellen, dass sie die Vorschriften einhält und gleichzeitig eine positive Rolle bei der Gestaltung der Zukunft der Kryptoindustrie spielt.

„Während Krypto reift und in eine neue Ära eintritt, haben auch wir uns zur größten Krypto-Derivate-Plattform mit einer vollständig verifizierten Nutzerbasis entwickelt. Umfassende Nutzerverifizierung, robuste Compliance und Anti-Geldwäsche-Fähigkeiten sind nicht nur Markenzeichen unseres Geschäfts – sie sind Treiber unseres langfristigen Erfolgs“, sagte Höptner.

Es sei daran erinnert, dass BitMEX eine turbulente Zeit erlebte, nachdem das Unternehmen und seine Führungskräfte von der CFTC und dem Department of Justice (DoJ) angeklagt wurden, weil sie US-Vorschriften umgingen und unter anderem eine nicht registrierte Derivateplattform betrieben.

Nach den Gerichtsakten ernannte die Börse einen neuen Compliance-Chef mit AML-Hintergrund, stellte weitere wichtige Mitarbeiter ein und strukturierte ihr Managementteam um, wobei Arthur Hayes und andere Gründer von ihren Führungspositionen zurücktraten.
BitMEX hat auch Anstrengungen unternommen, um sicherzustellen, dass es die folgenden Vorschriften einhält

Kunden der Bank of America können jetzt Bitcoin-Futures handeln

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Bitcoin Handel bank of america

Kunden der Bank of America können jetzt Bitcoin-Futures handeln
Die Bank of America (BoA), eine der größten Banken in den Vereinigten Staaten, erlaubt ihren Kunden nun den Handel mit Bitcoin-Futures. Dies ist eine der ersten Institutionen in den Vereinigten Staaten, die es den Anlegern ermöglicht, Zugang zum Handel mit Bitcoin-Futures zu erhalten. Die Informationen wurden von CoinDesk veröffentlicht, die Zugang zu Menschen mit Wissen über die Angelegenheit hatte.

Bank of America beginnt mit dem Angebot von Bitcoin-Futures-Handel

Großkunden und Investoren werden nun in der Lage sein, Bitcoin-Futures zu handeln und Zugang zum Kryptowährungsmarkt durch die Bank of America zu erhalten. Ausgewählte Kunden von Crypto Superstar werden die Möglichkeit haben, sich am Krypto-Handel zu beteiligen. Dies kommt nach mehreren Jahren eines konservativen Ansatzes des Finanzinstituts.

Es ist auch erwähnenswert, dass dies nur eine der neuesten Banken und Finanzunternehmen ist, die sich entschieden haben, Kryptowährungshandelsfutures für Benutzer anzubieten. In der Vergangenheit haben andere Firmen verschiedene Handelsprodukte herausgebracht, darunter auch Futures-Handel für Bitcoin. Goldman Sachs ist eine dieser Institutionen, die kryptobezogene Lösungen anbieten.

Die Entscheidung kommt zu einem Zeitpunkt auf dem Kryptowährungsmarkt, wo das Bitcoin-Handelsvolumen auf den niedrigsten Stand seit Monaten gefallen ist und wo sein Preis jetzt in der Nähe von $31.000 liegt, nachdem er Anfang dieses Jahres ein Allzeithoch von $63.000 erreicht hatte.

Obwohl der neue Handelsservice für Investoren nützlich sein könnte, ist das Interesse der Nutzer am Handel mit Bitcoin-Futures vielleicht nicht so groß. Trotzdem ist es sicherlich eine sehr positive Sache für den Kryptowährungsmarkt. Die zweitgrößte Investmentbank in den Vereinigten Staaten erlaubt nun ausgewählten Kunden den Handel mit Bitcoin-Futures.

Dies ist definitiv bullish für die gesamte Branche, die nun eine neue Möglichkeit hat, Zugang zum Kryptowährungsmarkt durch Futures zu erhalten. Dies kommt, nachdem Morgan Stanley beschlossen hat, Investoren Zugang zu BTC zu bieten. Wie von CoinDesk berichtet, nutzen einige Kunden der Bank of America bereits die neuen Handelsdienste, während andere beginnen, ihre Konten einzurichten.

Unternehmen und Finanzinstitute aus der ganzen Welt passen sich an die neuen Anfragen von Investoren und Kunden an. Der Markt für Kryptowährungen ist sehr schnell gewachsen und konnte schon vor Monaten ein massiv hohes Volumen erreichen. Bitcoin und viele andere Kryptowährungen zogen die Aufmerksamkeit mehrerer Investoren auf sich, die nun Zugang zu Bitcoin und Krypto-Handelslösungen erhalten möchten.

Bitcoin (BTC) Aproxima-se de $60.000 – Será que vai se desdobrar?

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O preço do bitcoin (BTC) tem aumentado desde que saltou em 25 de março. Atualmente, está se aproximando do nível de 60.000 dólares.

Embora se espere que o bitcoin atinja um novo patamar, é provável que um recuo a curto prazo ocorra antes da quebra final.

BTC Próximo ao máximo de todos os tempos

A BTC vem aumentando desde que saltou em 25 de março. Desde então, atingiu um máximo de US$ 59.800 em 31 de março.

Atualmente, o preço está sendo negociado dentro da área de resistência de $59.500. Este é o nível 0,786 de retração de fibras da queda anterior.

Os indicadores técnicos estão em alta. O MACD deu um sinal de inversão de alta e o RSI ultrapassou os 50. Embora o oscilador estocástico ainda não tenha feito uma cruz em alta, está muito próximo de fazê-lo.

Será que vai se manifestar?

O gráfico de seis horas mostra que a área de $59.500 é também um nível de resistência horizontal. Tanto o MACD quanto o RSI estão em alta. Portanto, uma eventual quebra desta área é esperada.

O nível de suporte horizontal mais próximo é encontrado em 57.000 dólares. O gráfico de duas horas mostra os primeiros sinais de fraqueza.

O MACD gerou uma tripla divergência em baixa. Além disso, o RSI gerou alguma divergência de baixa, embora ainda não confirmada.

Um retracement poderia depender do valor exato do topo. Entretanto, se o topo local for atingido perto de $60.000, o primeiro nível de suporte de Fibra seria encontrado em $56.500.

Contagem de Ondas

Uma contagem de ondas de curto prazo (altamente especulativa) sugere que a BTC está se aproximando do topo de um impulso de alta.

Embora esta ainda seja provavelmente uma sub onda menor a longo prazo, espera-se que o BTC corrija em breve.

Uma meta potencial para o topo deste movimento é encontrada entre $60.000-$61.000.


Espera-se que a bitcoin atinja em breve um novo preço sempre alto. Entretanto, um retrocesso a curto prazo poderia ser provável antes do último movimento ascendente.

White-collar criminal and prison escapee hired as finance chief

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Cred platform: white-collar criminal and prison escapee hired as finance chief

Insolvent cryptocurrency lending platform Cred Inc is said to have unwittingly appointed an escaped prison inmate as its chief financial officer.

Examiner Robert Stark of Brown Rudnick LLP filed a report on 8 March alleging that former Cred CFO James Alexander was identified by UK authorities as a financial fugitive. He was reportedly One Bitcoin a Day sentenced to more than three years in prison in December 2007. Stark commented:

„At the time of his incarceration, there was a prison break at this facility. Mr Alexander was recognised as a fugitive by the British government.“

Stark was selected by Judge John Dorsey in December to investigate allegations by Cred clients. It said the firm allegedly lost $66 million in less than two years through fraud and incompetence.

The report said Cred’s accounting and compliance practices were „unsystematic, chaotic and in some cases non-existent“. It found a lack of standardised reporting and tracking processes and a blatant commingling of client and company funds.

„Up to the time Cred filed for insolvency, it had not conducted a comprehensive financial reconciliation of accounts for almost a year,“ he said. He added:

„Cred appears to have more than met its marketing objectives. But the most basic business functions were missed, leading to its ultimate demise.“

Alexander has been at the centre of Cred’s insolvency proceedings since they were filed in November

The company’s lawyers accuse him of trying to take over its subsidiary Cred Capital. Alexander allegedly transferred US$4.3 million of the firm’s cryptocurrency to accounts under his control. He allegedly lost a further US$11.5 million in digital assets through fraud.

The defendant moved to dismiss Cred Capital’s bankruptcy petition, claiming he was the company’s director and the only person who could authorise the petition. The motion was dismissed earlier this month.

Last month, Alexander’s lawyers withdrew the case, claiming the defendant was improperly holding crypto assets that he was repeatedly ordered to hand over to the authorities.

Valor de mercado do Bitcoin ultrapassará 100 trilhões de dólares

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Valor de mercado do Bitcoin ultrapassará 100 trilhões de dólares, diz o CEO da MicroStrategy

O CEO da MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, revelou que o valor de mercado do bitcoin ultrapassará 100 trilhões de dólares no futuro, e que a moeda criptográfica se tornará uma „influência estabilizadora“ para o sistema financeiro global. Falando na „Squawk Box“ da CNBC, Saylor disse que há um planeta monetário de 500 trilhões de dólares lá Bitcoin Era fora, com a camada externa sendo moeda, seguida por ações, bens imóveis e 10 trilhões de dólares em ouro, bem como 1 trilhão de dólares em bitcoin.

O bitcoin, disse ele, logo ultrapassará a capitalização do mercado de ouro. Ele acrescentou:

Em seguida, ele vai subsumir a dívida soberana de rendimento negativo e outros índices monetários até crescer para $100 trilhões de dólares. Quando chegar a US$ 10 trilhões, sua volatilidade será dramaticamente menor.

Ele acrescentou que à medida que o BTC subir para $100 trilhões, as taxas de crescimento e volatilidade cairão, já que o bitcoin se tornará „uma influência estabilizadora em todo o sistema financeiro do século 21“. Os comentários de Saylor vieram em meio a um mergulho de criptografia no mercado que viu o preço do bitcoin cair 20% de uma nova alta de US$ 58.000 para menos de US$ 50.000.

Saylor revelou que, além das participações significativas da MicroStrategy no BTC, ele próprio investiu na moeda principal da criptocracia. Os comentários de Saylor vieram um dia depois que a Secretária do Tesouro Janet Yellen disse que estava preocupada com o uso do bitcoin em „finanças ilícitas“ e alegou que ele é um „ativo altamente especulativo“.

Saylor acrescentou que podemos esperar

Segundo o CEO da MicroStrategy, a demanda por bitcoin vai aumentar nos próximos anos, não apenas por parte das instituições, mas também por parte dos investidores de varejo. Saylor acrescentou que podemos esperar ver „um bilhão de pessoas armazenando seu valor, em essência, uma conta poupança, em um dispositivo móvel dentro de cinco anos e eles vão querer usar algo como bitcoin“.

„#bitcoin é um banco no ciberespaço“, diz @michael_saylor.
– Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) 23 de fevereiro de 2021

A MicroStrategy concluiu na semana passada uma segunda oferta de dívida conversível em uma licitação para usar o lucro líquido para comprar mais bitcoin, após concluir uma primeira venda de dívida em dezembro na qual levantou US$650 milhões. Estima-se que a MicroStrategy tenha investido $1,145 bilhões para comprar 71.079 BTC, que agora valem mais de $3,3 bilhões.

Le istituzioni sono entusiaste che stiate vendendo, suggerisce OKCoin COO

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Cosa sta succedendo con i recenti movimenti di prezzo di Ether e Bitcoin?

Un certo numero di aziende mainstream hanno raccolto enormi quantità di Bitcoin (BTC) dall’estate 2020. Nel frattempo, l’asset ha superato il record del 2017, raggiungendo quasi i 20.000 dollari, e recentemente ha raggiunto i 34.000 dollari, prima di tornare a 27.700 dollari. Il calo, tuttavia, ha creato una seria pressione di acquisto, secondo il direttore operativo della OKCoin, Jason Lau.

„Durante il fine settimana, mentre i prezzi Bitcoin hanno raggiunto nuovi massimi di tutti i tempi vicino ai 34.000 dollari, i mercati hanno toccato nuovi livelli di resistenza“, ha detto Lau al Cointelegraph. „Sia il tetto totale del mercato cripto che il dominio dei bitcoin hanno raggiunto i massimi del 2017, rispettivamente a circa 800 miliardi di dollari e il 73%“, ha osservato, aggiungendo:

„Le prese di profitto si sono verificate intorno a questi livelli, con il risultato di alcuni scambi laterali, e causando a molti un eccesso di leva finanziaria sui futures. Abbiamo visto 1,4 miliardi di dollari in BTC e 500 milioni di dollari in ETH futures liquidati nelle ultime 24 ore, con un conseguente netto calo al livello di 29.500 dollari per Bitcoin. Tuttavia, questi ribassi sono stati acquistati piuttosto rapidamente, rafforzando la narrazione che ci sono offerte sottostanti da parte di istituzioni desiderose di accedere a Bitcoin“.

L’anno scorso ha dato il via a un trend di grandi attori mainstream – tra cui MicroStrategy, MassMutual e Paul Tudor Jones – che hanno stanziato ingenti somme di capitale a favore di Bitcoin. Il pubblico può ringraziare questo assorbimento istituzionale per il recente rally di Bitcoin, secondo i commenti di crypto bull e del CEO di Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz.

„Inoltre, abbiamo visto una rotazione fuori BTC durante questo periodo, mentre i trader hanno ruotato le attività da BTC in alts per ottenere rendimenti più elevati“, ha spiegato Lau della recente azione di prezzo della Bitcoin. „Questo è evidente come l’Ethereum ha guadagnato il 13% sul bitcoin nelle ultime 24 ore, mentre il dominio del bitcoin è sceso al 69%“.

L’Etereum (ETH) ha recentemente superato i 1.000 dollari come parte di una considerevole mossa che ha superato il Bitcoin nel breve termine.